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Meet Buddy.

He is an unruly 2-year-old Boxer, giver of hugs and bruises. He is also a destroyer of bones.

The above pictures show the remains of several Nylabone Galileo bones. Billed as their “Power Chewer” bone, these bones are made of nylon. It takes him about 6 months to chew it to this point, however, he ingests the nylon shavings. Although Nylabone states it’s harmless, I was looking for something safer, healthier, better… and most importantly, longer-lasting. Plus, I wanted to move to wood chews. I eventually found the perfect product for Buddy.

Gorilla Chew by Ware Pet Products is a natural wood toy. It is odorless hardwood that doesn’t smell or stain. It is essentially a wooden dog bone. It’s easily one of the best dog chews on the market. They are sustainably farmed and harvested in Indonesia from dormant coffee trees. It looks like a big chunk of meat, but it’s clearly not.

I’m always worried about the things my dogs chew on (mainly for dental care or swallowing something toxic), but wood isn’t a material that gives me concern. Well, splinters can be a factor for sure, but this product promises not to splinter. So far I believe this to be true. I bought Buddy this wood dog toy for Christmas 2017. He chews on it as much as he chewed on the Galileo but with a fraction of the wear. Best of all, instead of nylon, he’s not going to ingest anything but safe wood. With aggressive chewing, it more or less turns into crumbles or chunky sawdust. Below are pictures of the Gorilla chew (next to a real gorilla of a dog) after almost 12 months of chewing.

I will definitely buy these Gorilla wooden dog bones again (when the time comes to replace the two I purchased almost a year ago). I will also update how long it takes Buddy the Destroyer to need a new Gorilla Chew. The cost is really affordable in my opinion, so I’d definitely recommend trying one out.

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Frequently Ask Questions

Q: Do Gorilla Wood chews splinter?

A: Yes, but it’s a soft splinter. There isn’t anything that can pierce your dog’s skin.

Q: What are Gorilla Chews made of?

A: They are made from solid Java wood from Indonesia.

Q: Do they have an odor?

A: They aren’t designed to have odor. Sometimes wood and dog saliva doesn’t smell like a rose though.

Q: Are wood chews safe for dogs?

A: Gorilla Wood chews are safe for dogs. They use a natural, non-toxic wood that doesn’t splinter. It’s nature’s perfect dog toy.

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