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Review and Buy: Benebone Bacon Flavored Dog Toy

Amy Dietrich / February 19, 2020

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A bacon bone! I wasn’t familiar with Benebone but found their bacon-flavored toy on Amazon. They look like a well-respected dog product company out of New York. My oldest dog, Ace, has a pretty restrictive diet. But in the day, bacon treats were his go-to snack. He can sometimes be a picky eater. But bacon, that always hit the spot for him. So when I found a chew toy that is flavored with bacon, well, that’s not a problem with his diet. So I bought it.


        The first thing I noticed, it seems to have a strong build made of durable materials. It seems just as tough as nylon bone. Now I used this with Miniature Schnauzers, and I did not test with Boxers (like I did my last review on toys for aggressive chewers). So I can’t say for sure how durable it would be with those big boys. But the schnauzers aren’t going to break this. However, if your puppy still has growing teeth, you may want to avoid this for a couple more months.

        Second, the shape is interesting. It’s like a very thick wishbone (just as the name implies). Both my dogs will chew bones like they are eating an ice cream cone – held vertically between their front paws. With this design, the dogs are easily able to maneuver it to always get a good mouthful. For some dogs it may actually help clean out the plaque on their back teeth (though I wouldn’t say it’s an actual dental bone). While it’s not edible, it is made with bacon. It’s a mix of nylon and actual bacon. Not an artificial flavor. And you can definitely smell it. So can my dogs, which draws them to this toy quite a bit. It’s a nice find and recommended for dogs under 70 pounds or so.

        Frequently Ask Questions


        Q: Is the toy made with actual bacon?

        A: Yes. Real bacon. No artificial flavors.

        Q: Is the Benebone Real Flavor Wishbone Dog safe for big dogs?

        A: The website suggests it is best for dogs under 70 pounds. I would also recommend not giving it to brand new puppies. Their teeth may not be strong enough yet.

        Q: Does the toy chip or leave stains?

        A: We have seen no sign of chipping or any staining.

        Q: Is the Benebone edible?

        A: This is not food. It is a chew toy. So, no.

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