Review and Buy: Dentacare Dog Treats

Mollie, our little one, has a pretty bad breath problem. I don’t know why. Bad dog breath is not a good quality, so it was something we wanted to correct.

The American Kennel Club has a product called Dentacare. It comes in flavors, to which Mollie seems to enjoy the Peanut Butter flavor. The Dentacare dog treats help to remove and control tartar build up in dogs’ teeth.



They are for adult dogs, but they can be broken easily to the size that fits your dog the best. They’re very soft and easy to reform if you wanted to put them into a toy. (We have a little ball that has a treat hiding place – the Dentacare treat can easily be placed in there.) When I was researching the product, some complaints on Amazon said the product was very hard. I don’t know if that was a bad batch or a different product, but these are firm enough to keep shape but soft enough to reshape (if you needed to).

There are 20 treats per pack, but if you break them up, the bag will last a long time. It seems the main ingredient is Yogurt.

Do they work? Yes. I’m quite pleased with these treats. So much so that I put them on my Amazon Subscribe & Save plan to make sure I never run out. They aren’t the cheapest treats on the market, but I’m certainly fine with paying a couple of extra dollars for a product that actually works as described!

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