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Review and Buy: Happy Hips Dog Food by Dogswell

Amy Dietrich / October 13, 2020

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As a Schnauzer family, we have had a few elderly dogs with hip problems. It’s a big issue for dogs who live with steps; as they get older, their hips cause new pain that keep dogs from wanting to move as freely as they were accustomed to.

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        A few years ago our vet recommended a brand of food that is focused on providing the nutrients that help prolong dog hips. This is the Happy Hips line. We like the Jerky Chicken product the most, but have swapped it many times through the years with other recipes from Happy Hips. They feature grilled duck and chicken, lamb and sweet potato stew, meatballs beef, and many more grain-free meals and treats. Product highlights include:

        Digestible & Long Lasting
        Helps Maintain Healthy Joints
        Natural Alternative to Rawhide
        Low in Fat, Calories & Sodium
        Great Source of Beta-carotene, Fiber & Minerals

        We’re also a fan of their Veggie Life Potato Chews as well. Pure Sweet Potato Chews are naturally high in Beta-carotene and are a wonderful alternative to rawhide. Fortified with Glucosamine and Chondroitin to help maintain healthy hips and joints, these treats are sure to please.

        This is a product line our dogs have never turned their noses at. The cost is a bit more than generic supermarket dog food, but it’s well worth it. Sometimes my husband and I are jealous of this food. I mean, look at how good it looks:


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