What Can You Give A Small Puppy To Chew On?

The idea of a new puppy warms your heart. But when the new puppy arrives, you’re quickly reminded just how much work these teething little dogs really are. They can’t be left alone or you’ll have puppy teeth marks in all sorts of random household objects.

Chew toys for puppies come in all shapes and sizes. It’s a rather large industry. Our puppy has more toys than Toys R’ Us. Everything from stuffed rings to smaller (puppy safe) rubber toy dog bones. While these teething toys do catch our pup’s attention briefly, they don’t keep her busy. Even when we purchased the appropriate size She’s seemingly more interested in anything else.

Puppies love chewing on items they can make progress with. Meaning, items they can either wear away or dominate. Plus, their teeth are likely sensitive, so there’s a satisfaction when gnawing on certain materials. This is why they love to chew on table legs and other rigid, non-moving objects. It seems they know, even at that young age, they are winning the fight.

But I’ve found one of the most satisfying objects for a small dog is something you already have in your home. Socks! A good, clean tube sock is firm enough to satisfy the teething pup, and allows her to dominate it. They are perfect for teething, cute to watch, and gives you at least a little bit of breathing room.

Your puppy may also be interested in this item because it has a familiar scent. It smells like you (which is one reason a dog bed filled with your old clothing is such a popular bed these days).

I’ve read others saying that you shouldn’t allow a puppy to chew on clothing, that it teaches them bad behavior. But I haven’t spotted anything that backs this claim up with any studies. In the end, the puppy will outgrow the sock. And proper training will keep your growing dog from comparing a sock to all clothing. We’ve raised a number of puppies on socks, sock puppets, and durable fabric toys. None have turned out with any adult issues. Nothing negatively impacted puppy health. Use your head – make sure the sock is not small enough to swallow.

The dog chew toy industry makes a fortune on all kinds of toys, whether they are right for puppies or not. So let your puppy dictate the purchases you make. It will go a long way in saving you money and satisfying your teething puppy.

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