Do You Dress Your Dog?

Growing up, I always had a dog. My childhood dog, Missy, was a miniature schnauzer. Missy led to Bridgette, led to Max, led to Samantha, led to Ace, led to Max Jr, and finally led to Mollie. All miniature schnauzers.

A schnauzer’s coat consists of two layers of hair, not fur.  This is why they are considered non-shedding dogs that need regular grooming. Since I was a child, I assumed that we never groomed Missy in the cold months. Therefore, never needed a sweater for her. Same with Bridgette.

Max was my dog and he had a sweater for cold weather, as did Ace, Max Jr., and Samantha. Ace and Max Jr also had a fleece-lined slicker for when it snowed or rained. Nothing out of the ordinary, well, except the year we bought Halloween costumes for Max and Samantha.

I never really noticed the amount of dog clothing until Mollie came into our lives. Before she was even in our home, I had bought her a dress. Then of course she needed a sweater that matches the dress. But what about the matching sweaters I could get her and Ace? What about that adorable dog sundress and matching beach shirt?  Then there are the harnesses and necklaces (I say necklaces and not collars because it’s a three-strand pearl necklace with no room to attach a leash)?

There are so many options now for dog attire that most pet stores devote full aisles to them. Even shopping at Target, there are clothing options for dogs. Where I work, there are therapy dogs that visit. In addition to the therapy vests, they are almost always dressed for a season or upcoming holiday.  I’ve noticed it mainly tends to be dogs of the smaller variety that have wardrobes. And more so, female dogs. But the same is true for baby clothing as well, with larger selections for girls than boys.

I bought the sundress for Mollie, I just couldn’t pass it up. Unfortunately, the matching beach shirt didn’t fit Ace so that went back. We live in Pennsylvania so the summers can get hot. Mollie wore the sundress once at a party for about 30 minutes.

What about football jerseys? We wear them on game day, so do the dogs! With dogs becoming more and more involved in weddings, there are flower girl dresses, ring bearer outfits and tuxedos for dogs. I belong to a group of schnauzer lovers on social media; there is a large group that put pajamas on their dogs every night.

If the dog doesn’t mind wearing clothing, I think it’s adorable (if we’re talking about boots, it’s hilarious). Seriously, search for videos of dogs wearing boots, it will make your day.

I still am thinking that Mollie needs the three-strand pearl necklace.

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