Review: Naturvet Bitter Yuck (No Chew Spray)

I wanted this to work so, so bad.

Our puppy – like all puppies – needs to put her teeth on everything. (Related: What Can You Give A Small Puppy To Chew On.) As a homeowner, obviously there are some things that we’d prefer owning without gnarled teeth marks.

This spray sounded like a fantastic puppy training aid. You can put it on fabric, wood, and even wounds. It had pretty good reviews from Amazon and elsewhere, so we made the purchase.

Sadly, it did very little to stop our pup. It slowed her down a little, but she eventually licked right through the application. Back to the business of chewing as usual. She wasn’t even repelled away from licking the dispenser (photo above for proof!).

On the bright side, the spray doesn’t smell bad. You don’t notice it when you spray it on items. But it really does not taste good. It’s easy to accidentally get a bit of it on you. Essentially I’m saying, yes, I’ve tasted the product inadvertently. If you’ve ever been sprayed by a stink bug, this a pretty close taste.

The problem is, it’s not strong enough for a puppy who really wants to chew. At least, my puppy. So if they’re treating all puppies as a “one size fits all,” then I do not recommend this product.

On the other-hand, I might simply have a dog with different tastebuds than yours. The price is pretty low, so considering this purchase as an experiment really can’t hurt your wallet too much.

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