Top 5 Products for Cleaning Dog Stains

When it comes to caring for your household, the products you buy can have an impact on your health and comfort. Especially for pet parents, effective yet safe cleaning products are a must. Today, we will be looking at the top five products for cleaning dog stains while keeping your home healthy.

Although most dogs are trained by around 4-6 months, you will likely have a significant amount of mess to clean up. No matter how well-trained our furry friends may seem, sometimes they have accidents in the house. This could be due to a variety of factors; however, this is most common with puppies who are not yet housetrained.

Although many pet parents may assume that any chemical can clean dog stains, this is not entirely true. Furthermore, it is critical to ensure these cleaners are non-toxic and safe for your pet, as recently pet stain and odor removers have risen in popularity.

It can be an exciting time when you bring home a new puppy; however, they can be messy. Therefore, it is essential to purchase the right cleaning products that are safe for both you and your dog.

Now, let’s take a look at some of the products to clean dog stains.

Stain Removers

First, it’s essential to choose a stain remover that is non-toxic and safe for your home. Selecting a pet-safe, non-toxic stain remover is a safe bet. Plus, they come in various scents that will prevent your dog from wanting to do their business in that specific area. This really does work!

The best stain removers will have a disinfectant included, so the spot is free of bacteria and other harmful contaminants.

Odor Neutralizers

Dogs frequently end up using the bathroom in similar spots throughout the house because they smell their scent. Odor neutralizers get rid of the odor, so the dog is not inclined to use the same spot as their bathroom. Many odor neutralizers come in a combination of a stain remover and antibacterial cleaner.

Antibacterial Cleaners

Urine can include various types of bacteria that can be harmful to both you and your pet’s health. Antibacterial cleaners are often mixed in with both stain removers and odor neutralizers for easy cleanup.

Now we’ll look at our top choices in teeth cleaning for dogs to help your beloved pet avoid periodontal disease.

Now on to Our Top 5 Products for Cleaning Dog Stains

First, we’ll start with our top-rated stain remover. This one is recommended by highly respected vets and has excellent reviews as well. We tried a few other cleaners, but this one seems to perform the best regarding cleaning and disinfecting capabilities.

Bissell Pet Stain & Odor Remover + Sanitize

The Bissell product received hundreds of great reviews from customers and continues to outperform the competition. This cleaner is safe, kills 99% of bacteria, and leaves the area clean and sanitized. Furthermore, unlike many cleaners, this product doesn’t leave a terrible smell behind. Perhaps the best reason to purchase this product is that each purchase helps support the Bissell pet foundation to end pet homelessness.


  • Kills 99% of bacteria
  • No harsh ingredients
  • No strong smells
  • Safe for children and pets


  • Changes color of some carpets
  • Multiple uses before stains are removed
  • Damages some materials

Rocco & Roxie Supply Professional Strength Stain and Odor Eliminator

The Rocco & Roxie cleaner is safe, enzyme activated and can be used on various surfaces. This product has a 100% satisfaction guarantee and will offer a refund if you aren’t satisfied. This product is safe for children and pets, as it is 100% chlorine-free and lacks any strong or dangerous perfumes.


  • Enzyme activated
  • 100% chlorine-free
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Safe for children and pets
  • No strong perfumes


  • Could cause allergies
  • Could damage furniture

Nature’s Miracle P-98151 Dog Stain and Odor Remover

Nature’s Miracle is one of the most reputable brands to clean dog stains. Although many stain and odor removal products are expensive, this product is appropriately priced and far outperforms other brands. With its lemony scent, this product seamlessly masks odors and removes stains with ease. This product is a great value, especially if your furry friend is always making a mess.


  • Fresh scent
  • Safe on all household surface
  • Enzymatic formula
  • Organic


  • Could Stain carpet

Woolite INSTAclean Permanent Pet Stain Remover

The Woolite INSTAclean has hundreds of five-star reviews from pleased customers. It is infused with oxy to dive deep and remove the stains at the source. It is safe for pets and prevents them from doing their business in the same area. This product is a great value and is guaranteed to remove stains in just 30 seconds.


  • Oxy infused
  • Unbeatable value
  • Safe for most household surfaces
  • Fast-acting
  • Environmentally friendly


  • Could cause skin irritation
  • Nozzle leaks

TriNova Natural Pet Stain and Odor Remover Eliminator

This product removes stains while introducing a fresh scent to the affected area. It allows pet parents to clean up stains on any household items with ease. This product is unique, as it is only made using organic ingredients safe for all pets.

Many satisfied customers have reviewed this product and were repeat buyers because of its cleaning and deodorizing power. However, many customers make this their go-to cleaner because of the 100% satisfaction guarantee.


  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Safe on household items
  • Safe around children and pets
  • Organic


  • Could stain some surfaces

Products for a Healthier and Happier Home

As you can see, there are various ways to safely and effectively clean up after your pet without harsh chemicals. Even if your pet is house trained, it is still a good idea to keep a few of these products around just in case. It is crucial to choose the best pet stain remover to effectively sanitize and disinfect your home from harsh smells and bacteria.

If you wish, you could try all of these to decide which one is best suited for your home to clean dog stains. Having these non-toxic pet stain removal products will ensure that you have a safe and happy home for both you and your pets.

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