Review: Kong Goodie Bone For Dogs

We love the Kong products (in fact, I just reviewed another one here). For Mollie (our puppy pictured here), the small / petite size works best. It’s simply a rubber toy with a pocket that holds small dog treats. If you have a dog that gets bored of toys quick, this might be a great solution.

First, it’s super durable. For small and medium-sized dogs, they’d be hard-pressed to damage this. My parents’ Boxers will do a little more damage, but it still takes months for them to really dismantle this bone. Obviously, we give them the larger sized bones. In the end, you don’t find ripped fragments laying around the house. That alone is worth the price.

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As far as treats, really anything that fits into the pockets will work. We use marrow treats. I’ve heard some people use peanut butter. I have to try that.

How long does Mollie play with this? Well it depends on her mood. There are days where she’ll work at this for hours – which is so much better than her chewing up the carpet on the stairs. (I simply don’t get that new fascination.)

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