Review: Answers Raw Organic Dog Food

Several months ago I noticed an ad on Facebook for a company called Answers Pet food. They are a local company that sold pre-packaged raw dog food. I had never fed my dogs a raw food diet but I wanted to learn more.

Max, my 14-year-old Miniature Schnauzer, needed to be on a special diet for kidney issues and hypolipidemia. The Prescription Diet k/d that was recommended to him after a failed attempt at Royal Canin Vet diet was also becoming a bust. I needed to find something that would be palatable for him to eat but beneficial as well.

Before making the move to Answers Pet food, I contacted them via their Facebook page and also watched several of their live webinars. They answered all of my questions and even put together a diet plan that was beneficial to dogs with kidney issues. This definitely made me a lot more comfortable with the big switch.

I started small. Fermented Fish Stock and Raw Goat Milk. I would add this to his wet food like a food topper. I also started giving it to my other miniature schnauzer that doesn’t have any special dietary needs. I then started adding small pieces of the raw patties to his meal. The raw patties are exactly that, raw patties of meat. I tried pork and also chicken. They have several different meat sources to choose from.

When Max was fully switched to raw, I would give him the Raw Goat milk in the morning with some banana and half a patty and in the evening the Fermented Fish Stock with fresh veggies like carrots, broccoli, kale and the other half of the raw patty.

Pros –

The team at Answers are extremely knowledgeable and easy to contact.

The dogs seem to love the taste of the Raw Goat Milk and Fermented Fish Stock.

Their product sources are all organic.

For me, they are a local company and I prefer supporting local businesses. (I know this one only applies to me!)

Cons –

I absolutely hated handling the raw patty. They recommended that I use tongs and I tried that as well.

After about a full month, Max started eating less and less of the raw patty so I began to cook them. Answers informed me that by cooking the patties, I was releasing and destroying most of the nutrients that were beneficial for dogs.

The Fermented Fish Stock STINKS!!! I mean, the smell!! I have a dog with a beard so this means nightly face washes.

They are a small company so they are NOT in many stores (only two in my area) and this sometimes leads to shortages.


I still feed both my dogs the Raw Goat Milk and Fermented Fish Stock and will continue to do so. I believe that they add needed nutrients to their food. I switched from raw protein to cooked protein for Max. It’s easier to handle and store and doesn’t gross me out.

So while I wish it didn’t need to smell so bad, the health of my dogs is worth it.

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