Review and Buy: YETI Boomer Non-Slip Dog Bowl

well, Mollie has picked up a new habit. She’s now fond of pushing her dog bowl all over the kitchen floor. Oh, what fun it is to walk through puddles made by her sloshing of drinking water. So, we got her a Yeti Boomer.







The YETI Boomer doesn’t slide on her. With it’s “Bearfoot non-slip ring”, which is located in a wide ring under the bowl, it stays in place. It works like a charm.

With the non-stick ring, the aggressive chewers in your dog-family should be able to stay put. The bowl holds 8 cups of water and is BPA free. It’s about 7.5″ in size, so it’s a great dog water or food bowl. It’s a sturdy bowl so it can easily be packed if you hike with your dog.

It is dishwasher safe. It is hard to scratch. It’s everything you’d expect from YETI, which is a great name across dog products. And it seems to do a pretty good job of keeping water cold. Honestly, for a couple dollars more, this is a truly good investment for some of us with over-active dogs.

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