Review and Buy: Frisco Eco Friendly Dog Poo Bags

Who doesn’t love talking about dog poo? Frisco’s Planet Friendly Dog Poop Bags are the brand we use in our household. Yes, we are the good pet owners who actually clean up after our dogs because we love our neighbors.

Let me introduce you to a great brand: Frisco Better Pet Goods. Their bags couldn’t be any easier to use. Pull off the bag from its roll, which is very similar to the way trash bags come packaged. Put your hand in the bag, grab the dog poop, and then pull your hand out of the bag thereby reversing the bag. Voila. A no-touch solution for cleaning up the mess.

On the leash for each of our dogs, we have a simple plastic dispenser, but it’s not required. The roll of bags fits snuggly in there, and we simply tear off a poop bag when we are ready for it. Do you need this dispenser? Nope, but it’s a nice to have.

The bags themselves aren’t very large measuring at 13″ x 9″. They are big enough to pick up any pile with plenty of slack left over to tie the top of the back into a not. They are leak proof That’s all there is to it – you’re now ready to discard.

Frisco actually has cucumber melon scented bags to help mask some of the odor. But the best part about these bags are their eco-friendly manufacturing. They are made with EPI technology that allows these bags to break down faster than typical waste bags. They are made with recycled materials as well. This doesn’t mean you should throw your bag into the woods when you are done. That’s not very classy. But in the end, it is better for wherever the bag winds up. 

These eco friendly dog poop bags are a no brainer. At this time, they are only available at Chewy:



Frequently Ask Questions

Q: How many bags are in a roll?

A: 15 bags, but you can purchase 8 or 18 roll bundles.


Q: Are the bags scented?

A: They have a scented and unscented brand. The scented brand smells like cucumber melon.


Q: How big are the bags?

A: 9 x 13 inches.


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