Review and Buy: Doggielawn Dog Potty Grass

This is a unique product – dog potty, real grass. On our last trip, we walked through the Philadelphia airport and I was delighted to see a rest area for dogs. It was a fake lawn with a toy fire hydrant. Sure enough, dogs were attracted to it and actually used the lawn as their bathroom. I wondered why they didn’t sell these for home use. Well, it turns out they do.

Meet the Doggie Lawn potty. I love everything about it. This is the best puppy grass pad I’ve ever used.

It’s real grass, so dogs are immediately attracted to it. They use all kinds of grass from Blue, Rye, and Bermuda. It’s hydroponically grown onto a patch like sod. But it isn’t soil. When it has collected it’s share of urine, you simply discard the patch and replace it with a new one. It’s entirely disposable.

Doggie Lawn is a subscription service, so replacements continually come in the mail. And it’s super affordable. Depending on the size you need, you’re looking at between $29 to $50 at the time of this writing. You’ll want to buy a tray for holding the Doggie Lawn, which they also sell anywhere between $4 to $39 dollars. I suppose you could use a kennel tray just as easily.

How often should you change the pad? That depends on the size you buy, versus the size of the dog and how often he/she goes to the bathroom on it. But it truly doesn’t smell like anything but grass.

Who is this for? If you live in an apartment or home where you can’t let your dog out easily, I think this would make great sense. Or maybe you have a job where you can bring your dog work. Perhaps you live in a cold region and own a dog who can’t be outside long. For us, while we live in a suburban area with plenty of grass, our use is a bit different. Our youngest, Mollie, still has a habit of peeing in the house. But with Doggie Lawn, at least she isn’t peeing on the carpet.

What size DoggieLawn is right for you? Click that link to be taken to Doggie Lawn’s sizing page and decide which is best for your dog.

There isn’t much more to say. It’s a terrific idea and a great product. You do have to spray the pad with water from time to time to keep the grass fresh. But a small amount of labor compared to the benefits. It turns out there are plenty of dog grass pads using fake grass or turf, all for similar or lower prices. But if you can afford it, this is a no-brainer to me.

Click here to shop on Doggie Lawn’s website.

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