The Dog Days of Quarantine

Working from home is new to me. And my pups. In this article, I’m sharing some of the “fun” experiences of working with Schnauzers.

When I’m not writing reviews or posts about dog topics I work at a drug and alcohol rehabilitation center. I am the person you would speak to on the phone prior to admitting that asks a million questions.

My office and desk are strewn with pictures of my dogs, past and present. I also have two pictures of my husband and I. During my 8-hour workday, I am often thinking about my dogs and wishing I was at home with them. I have been known to tell my husband that I want to be a stay-at-home dog mom. So when the COVID-19 struck the US population, and the opportunity arose for me to work from home, I jumped at the chance. Who would pass up the opportunity to work in their pajamas in the comfort of their own home?

I have two miniature schnauzers, 18-month-old Mollie and 15-year-old Ace. For anyone not aware, schnauzers are little alarmists. By owning one you will know when anything enters your yard or dares pass by the house in the street. They bark a lot. This was a concern for me considering I am on the phone talking with individuals seeking help in their time of need.

Ace wasn’t my concern, at 15 years old, he sleeps most of the day. However, Mollie is his trigger. She will bark and he will join her in a chorus of noise sure to terrify the small wildlife in our yard. This tells the critters to think twice about making our yard their home. I’m positive Ace has no idea why he is barking but feels that it’s his duty to back up his little sister.

I was lucky the first week I worked from home. The handful of times that Mollie barked I wasn’t on the phone. That ended on week two. I was on the phone with a parent of a potential patient when we had a delivery person that rang the doorbell. The barrage of barks it launched was deafening. I profusely apologized to the caller who was very understanding and happy to know that my employer was taking everyone’s safety to heart, and allowing us to work from home. They also shared their dog’s antics.

On another call, the dog in that household barked and Mollie, who was laying aside of my leg, immediately perked up to listen. The dog on the other end barked again and my dog lunged off the chair barking her head off, running to the doors looking for the dog that had the audacity to interlope. The caller and I both had a chuckle over that one.

Most of the days Ace and Mollie spend snoozing at my feet or next to my legs if I’m not at my desk and on my chaise instead. I try to keep them in their normal routine as far as feeding and potty breaks so when the time comes for me to return to the office, their schedule doesn’t change. Although I would be quite content for this working from home thing to become permanent. The working-from-home dog mom life suits me.

Show and tell time! Show me your photos and tell me how you and your pets are handling the quarantine.

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